Stressed Assets

The Government and the economy are striving to enhance systemic efficiencies through pro-active management of assets that face financial pressure. This has thrown up opportunities across the stressed assets space for both buyers and sellers. The range and scale of these opportunities are significant enough to be viewed as once in a life-time.

Our activities in the stressed asset space include:

  • Resource mobilization for financially stressed units;
  • Management revamp and provision of CXOs (through an associate) for managerially stressed units;
  • Survival strategies for promoters / businesses that have become Non-Performing Assets (NPAs) in the books of lenders, or are close to becoming NPA;
  • Sell-side advisory for promoters who wish to sell their units;
  • Buy-side advisory for entrepreneurs / businesses that wish to acquire units. (We currently have buy-side interest in plastics, down-stream steel, tubes, pipes, textiles and pharmaceutical sectors)


Our strengths in strategy consulting and resource banking will help you leverage on this rare basket of opportunities.